+ What foodservice distributors serve Trinity/HPSI members?

The agreements with Sysco, US Foods, Gordon Food Service, Food Services of America, Ben E. Keith, Performance Foodservice, Shamrock, Feesers, Martin Brothers, Springfield Grocer, Cashwa Distributing, and HFM allow Trinity/HPSI members to enjoy multi-billion dollar purchasing power on every item in their inventory. The pricing of all items is computed on the basis of their “laid-in” cost (their actual purchase cost plus freight to their local warehouse) plus the margin specified in the HPSI agreement. In addition, many more manufacturers have agreed to provide substantial discounts on thousands of items to Trinity/HPSI members, reducing their cost even further.

The specified Trinity/HPSI pricing structure is applied by the foodservice distributor’s computer system to each Trinity/HPSI member’s account, so the servicing sales representative has no ability to increase prices. This is a very significant benefit. We have seen numerous instances involving multiple companies in various industries of “lowballed” prices used to get a “foot in the door” that drifted up significantly over time as a sales representative thought he or she could raise them without the customer’s noticing. Click here to request a comparison/analysis for your organization now.